Social Innovation Camp – now you can vote

Social Innovation Camp have extended their competitive-collaborative model for bringing together those people who have ideas for social change with web developers and others who could help put them into practice.

Earlier this week at the monthly SI Camp meetup we heard how 115 proposals had been (competitively) submitted and whittled down to six for the SI Camp weekend December 5-7, where the collaboration takes place. It was foody as well as techie. Details here.

The latest refinement is that we have a chance to choose a seventh project from four additional competitors through voting here, by midnight Sunday 27rd 23rd.

I shot some video at the meetup at the Kings Cross Hub, and succeeded in showing that it is a great place for this sort of event … provided you don’t want to shoot video. Lots of buzz, lousy for audio, even with an external mic. Last time at the mySociety birthday I had to use a lavatory as a studio.

This time I wandered about and met up with Denise Stephens, of Enabled by Design, winners last time and now gaining additional support, talking to Ivo Gormley, pitching Good Gym. I also talked to James Lewis of Vegsy, with Camp co-founder Christian Ahlert, and Femi Longe of Useful Visitors.

I hope to get along to the Camp on December 5 and find out more about their projects, and how they’ll advance. Here’s my report from April’s Camp. Meanwhile I need to research another external mic for my Xacti, since there’ll be more meetups at the Hub.

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  • Anna
    November 21, 2008 - 1:33 pm | Permalink

    Thanks David! Just a note on the vote – it closes this Sunday, 23rd November, not the 27th.

    We kept the time frame short as we wanted to give our seventh project a full two weeks before the Camp to gather itself some interest!

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