Joining hyperlocal and superlocal

William Perrin offers some practical suggestions on how the growing number of top-down hyperlocal platforms – like LocalMouth which I featured here – can best join up with local sites like KingsCrossEnvironment that he runs with volunteers. See also Kevin Harris’ report on Local 2.0 workshop.

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  • November 3, 2008 - 12:56 pm | Permalink

    Hey David,

    This is a very interesting concept – I am very excited about a platform that connects the existing hyperlocal content together.

    In fact so much we have building one for a couple of months now. Hophive pulls together a lot of existing hyperlocal content and also makes other content hyperlocal. So along with community focussed sources (like KingsCrossEnvironment, London SE1) we are creating location based streams from online local papers, BBC, Guardian, Timeout, etc. This creates more local content than just hyperlocal blogs and API services that offer geo based calls.

    When I was at the local 2.0 workshop everyone defined the problem in different ways, I liked how one person put it ‘What we need is something that provides people with What they want, When they want and Where they are’, forgot who it was, but I liked it. This highlights the issue of having lots of data on the internet and trying to get the right data to the right people. Having focussed community sites like harringay online, KingsCrossEnvironment does a good job because it’s built by the users of that area, therefore creating the What and Where. I think by providing a solution that pulls everything together and allowing the user to customize their view by what and where will be a step closer to getting community focussed content accessible.

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