Playing the fundraising game

I’m constantly amazed at how creative people can be in a small group given a clear task, a framework and a few props. Today I went along to the conference of the Institute of Fundraising Technology Group to run a session on social media. The organisers were happy when I proposed a game session – and it went really well.

Within 40 minutes two groups were able invent a couple of very different scenarios (brand repositioning and a flood disaster), then come up with a simple social media strategy by choosing from a set of cards, and inventing some ideas of their own. People didn’t know each other – but were able rapidly to draw on their different areas of expertise to come up with some inventive solutions.

I started off with a brief presentation – but yet again it as the wisdom of the participants that was more compelling. I’ve put a brief report and all the material on the social media wiki here, so you can try it for yourself. Thanks to online fundraising guru Steve Bridger for suggestions on additional cards.

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    Thanks for running it. I’ve seen the game before, but never played it. I could see us running it at our organisation.

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