Day 3 begins….and a look back at Day 2

Thankfully, no hangover this morning, and it’s another beautiful day here at the ever-more-appropriately named Shine 2008. There was so much going on yesterday that I barely got a chance to sit down and type before being whisked away somewhere…

Some highlights for me:
– the Kaos Pilots living up to their name with their mental refreshment games outside (see the videos via the Qik link to the right)
– the School for Young Social Entrepreneurs co-designing session, led by SSE Fellow Tom Bulman and former SSE CEO James Smith, which also decamped outside; such good engagement and interest that they carried on beyond 5.30pm….
– recording a podcast (with Dave Dawes’ marvellous ‘pocket recording studio’) with the fellow geeks…sorry, social reporters ;0)
– seeing the great 1:1 sessions taking place by the What If-ers, admirably marshalled by James Baderman….as one social entrepreneur said to me “you couldn’t pay for that”, to which James said “actually you could” followed by me saying “but it’s more than £20″….
– the Foundation for Social Improvement (I think)’s session on fundraising was packed out both times in the Clinic, with chairs having to be dragged in from elsewhere…

Overall, despite the beautiful weather luring people outside (is it wrong as an event organiser to pray for rain?), it seemed to go well. As ever the richest stuff was taking place in all the different conversations and relationships being built in the cafes and snugs all around this amazing building. I hope that the videos and blogs are giving off a bit of the vibe that’s marking this out as a really different event….and one to build on.

And on that note, off to Day 3; I’m delivering my blogging session again in 10 minutes, so must dash. If you want to see the powerpoint, check out the embedded slideshow from my earlier post.

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