A movie studio in your pocket

As I researched (in a haphazard sort of way) the ins and outs of videoblogging I came across Rupert Howe at twittervlog, admired his use of a mobile phone, and noted with some anxiety that he was soon to move from London to Vancouver. Could we fit in a brain-picking meeting?

Fortunately Rupert turned up at the Tuttle Club yesterday, so I was able to chat about his experiences with video, and capture a bit. My son Dan is currently figuring out how to sync my N82 with an eeepc running Ubuntu (just to keep up with the geeks), so I used my Sanyo Xacti. Still need to figure out the best external mic to improve the audio … but then, that’s more kit to carry.

As Rupert said, the delight of using a mobile phone is that it is like having a movie studio in your pocket. You can capture the moment. When not streaming live with something like Qik, Rupert recommended editing shots on the phone and then emailing up to blip.tv. He also suggested using WordPress themes from showinabox.tv. Thanks, Rupert, see you on Twitter.

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    yeah, I know I learned by asking other people questions. We have a forum here: http://showinabox.tv/forum for video creators using WordPress to make their videoblogs.

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