Videos from Social Innovation Camp

I’ve spent the last couple of days dropping in and out of Social Innovation Camp, and it ended today with a well-deserved win for Enabled by Design – described here in its earlier stages. I’ve posted the videos I shot over here … but unfortunately something gave out before I caught the winners. There will be an official video, so nothing is lost.

I was experimenting using Qik to stream straight fromphone to web, and it worked pretty well, except that I can’t embed videos here because only allow that from YouTube and similar sites. I can, in theory, upload from Qik to YouTube but I’m having problems with that too.

Struggling with these trivial glitches just brought home to me again what an amazing experience the Camp was, with tech and non-tech innovators working over two days to get projects developed and, in some cases, working online in prototype.

I’ll write more when I’ve collected my thoughts. Meanwhile do take a look at Paul Birch and Paul Miller reflecting on whether it is possible to innovate within existing organisations as effectively. You can guess the answer … and I agree.

Update: The Guardian’s Bobbie Johnson has done a brilliant job blogging the camp over here.