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This weekend I’m at Social Innovation Camp, where mixed teams of social entrepreneurs, geeks and many other types of enthusiasts are working together on six projects that will be presented publicly on Sunday.

I’m particularly interested in the one focussed on personal development because it relates closely to the idea of personal learning environments that I explored last year, and for which I developed a design game.

I mentioned to the rest of the team the terrific work on personal learning and social media being done by Michele Martin, Ewan McIntosh and others – and it struck me they might like to join in.

So I invited the team to give a quick video presentation which I’ve posted here … and then I’ll invite anyone interested to post comments, links or anything of use below. I’ll try and embed the video here later – hope it plays OK for you off the Qik site.

For example we found the open source platform Mahara and wondered if we could develop on that. Other ideas?

We really need input quickly because presentations have to be finalised about 12 noon Sunday – London time.

I’ve posted a load of other videos over here using Qik and will again tomorrow. I hope it gives you some idea of the terrific atmosphere and ideas.

Update: the personal learning group made an excellent presentation which you can see here – but they didn’t win. The successful project was Enabled by Design. More shortly.


  • podnosh
    April 5, 2008 - 10:47 pm | Permalink

    David can you please stop having thought like mine but in different places at the same time. I hope you don’t mind me linking to something I blogged 10 mins ago then read this:

    I think the structures of personal learning are easy to understand and establish. As always success is a question of culture. How can we support each other to have the focus and discipline to excel at somthing?

    Antonio Gould (a particular social media talent who hangs out in Birmingham and London) has been pursuing a c ollaborative personal mbs for a while:

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  • April 6, 2008 - 8:41 pm | Permalink

    Hi David – thanks for your input this weekend. We didn’t win but I don’t think that was especially important for us because it seems we now have a team of people willing to try and make the idea really happen and we’ve got a much clearer idea of what ‘it’ actually is and how it will function, albeit that perhaps didn’t come across in the short time allowed in the ‘pitch’. We’re going to get a blog up & running in the near future so I’ll post back a link soon.

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