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Participation literature review

The Pathways through Participation project is “exploring how and why people get involved and stay involved in different forms of participation over the course of their lives”. They have now produced an excellent and wide-ranging literature review covering community development, volunteering, public participation, social movements, everyday politics and ethical consumption. Download from here.

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Open government isn't easy

The Politico blog offers us an update on the Obama Administration’s open government initative to be transparent, participatory, collaborative. On the one hand the call for federal employees fell a bit flat – possibly because they didn’t get official instructions. On the other hand the public brainstorming produced, among other things, further campaigning for marijuana legalisation. “End the Imperial Presidency” got most votes. Will Downing Street be tempted to emulate?

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Volunteer, activist, agitator …

Kevin Harris offers some discussion of the relationship between active citizenship, volunteering and community action … suggesting we need to explore the nuances of different roles. I agree – especially as funding cuts will reduce state provision and social media may stengthen local voices. Message: don’t take us for granted.

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Twitter propositions

Uamair Haque has Twitter’s Ten Rules for Radical Innovators that go to the heart of how social technologies underpin or encourage doing things differently. Or maybe doing things in ways we’ve lost but are now refinding (see Rohan on Ungeeking). I’m going to work them in to the propositions developed for Social by Social.

Digital Engagement Minister Tom Watson standing down

The e-government/Digital Engagement Minister Tom Watson is to stand down from Government when the Prime Minister’s reshuffle takes place shortly, confirming earlier speculation.

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Twenty theses for Government 2.0

More social media theses, inspired by The Cluetrain Manifesto.  Over at Social Media Strategy Steve Radick has written Twenty Theses for Government 2.0. Apparently Pesident Obama’s transparency and open government initiative is producing much excitement among those offering services to government, and reality checks are appropriate. Some resonance with the 45 propositions developed for the Social by Social handbook. Tweeted by UK Minister Tom Watson, so noted in Whitehall no doubt.

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After audioboo, ipadio

I’ve enjoyed using audioboo to capture and blog interviews on the my iphone, as here … now there’s ipadio that works from any phone, though in a rather different way. Either landline or mobile. You register, get a number to call and a pin to enter, make an ordinary phone call, press hash and it streams live to the web (and stays on your page). You can tag, add photos and description. I’ll be doing some tests.

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Digital engagement Minister to step down?

Simon Dickson follows up a Sunday Times story that e-government/Digital Engagement Minister Tom Watson will step down from the post after the reshuffle expected within a couple of weeks. Intruiging, but no confirmation of the ST line: “Tom Watson, the Cabinet Office minister wrongly accused of involvement
in the Damian McBride smear e-mails, will return to the back benches.
He has told friends he is exhausted by government and wants to see more
of his two children.”

The Community Engagement Pyramid

The Widerearth blog believes you can simplify the way most people engage with online communities into five simple stages:

  1. Everyone starts off as Visitors, either because they were invited or because they stumbled upon your community;
  2. They may sign up to become Members if there is a clear cost/benefit;
  3. If they are moved into action, they will become Contributors of content;
  4. With enough positive experiences they evolve into community Evangelists, inviting others to join;
  5. And finally, they may step up as community Leaders.
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UK Hyperlocal Alliance launched

The Talk About Local project to train and support local activists setting up websites is inviting people to join in a UK hyperlocal alliance. It is being led by Will Perrin, Dominic Campbell and Kalvir Sandhu. Earlier news here.